Thursday, December 29, 2016


The NEW websike is ready. We KNOW haters gonna hate, so we put this fun and information PACKED thing together to get the research going.

Racism was a HOAX! We say "was" because on September 20, 2016, Michael Wall DECLARED the end of racism. is a subsidiary of Black History MonthLY, This is the END of Raxism, RAXISM, and Corn in the Bible® Means Maize. The purpose of this websike is to address the derogatory images and inferiority complex that other members of the Human Family demonstrate in order to fraudulently and maliciously distort the image and history of the global empire of Black People.

*Black People, when mentioned on this page, is defined here, and should not be misunderstood to reference the defacto legal or social status invented by the authors of Scientific Racism.

The staff has a collective experience of over 25,000 of research and study of the Black People in the Americas. Our goal is to disseminate an accurate and truthful history of Black people in the Americas and the world.